This is a picture of Sergeant James A...

English: This is a picture of Sergeant James A. Bretney, April 2004 in Mosul, Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Blaze of Glory chronicles continuing saga of James LeRoy McCormick and the 518th Gun Truck – the most decorated convoy escort company during Operation Iraqi Freedom.   Persian Gulf combat veteran First Lieutenant James LeRoy McCormick goes back to Iraq this time with a transportation company.  The National Guardsmen that McCormick must command resist him preferring to look at their deployment as a vacation.  And in the Army everything is political especially when people are dying – A story about Iraq War Veterans by Iraq War Veterans.

**Update incidentally US ARMY COLONEL STEPHENSON denied CPT McCormick’s Silver Star recommendation out of envy. from James A. Bretney

Episode 1: Enter the Gun Truck

In this episode, James and his Zebra crew get their first baptism of fire on the Baghdad Ramadi Road.

Episode 2: The April Uprising

In this episode, James and his Zebra crew goes north into Baghdad during the height of the April Uprising of 2004.

Episode 3: The Battle of BIAP

In this episode, James and his Zebra crew defend BIAP from a horde of rabid Shiite militiamen

Episode 4: The Green Zone Convoys

In this episode, immediately after the Battle of BIAP, James and his Zebra crew take on an impossible mission to the Green Zone.

Episode 5: Born on the 5-18th

In this episode, James and Rob Landry form the 518th Gun Truck Company.

Episode 6: Hearts and Minds


In this episode, James McCormick, Rob Landry and Jody “Cut” Cuthbertson form the 518th and complete their first couple in the Iraqi Zone (IZ).

Episode 7: Regulators in Winter

In this episode, Rob Landry goes home. James McCormick and First Sergeant Jody “Cut” Cuthbertson react. CPT Theolonius McLean Burrell take over. Everything falls apart.

Episode  8: Strange Days


In this episode, dealing with a hostile chain of command, the bad boys of Baghdad blow off some steam.

Episode 9: 1018 Gunfight


In this episode, Steve Mikes fights the enemy on IED Alley and the enemy on base following the 1018 gunfight.

“A Great Nation demands Great Art.”

Airborne Productions, Inc specializes in storytelling in the war, romantic comedy, suspense, western and epic. Airborne Productions is owned and operated by James A. Bretney.

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